Stage In The Park ~ Part Five

The final jobs to be completed for the stage were the shingles on the roof and the electrical.  Jim Liddle and Allan completed the shingles & Shawn Parkins did all of the electrical. The weather held up for them. Thank goodness.

Jim Liddle thanks for all your solid work !Allan & Jim finishing up.Great job guys !Now for the electrical … Meet Shawn Parkins.Shawn Parkins Electric


5131 Able Lake Road
100 Mile House
BC V0K 2E1
Phone number:
(250) 395-0428

Shawn said that the Stage needed plenty of power enough to cover any venue.  920 amp service / 100 amp service to the Stage and LED lighting. Thank you Shawn for your professional skills & equipment needed to supply  the power to The Stage.

Now the star of the show….  “The Stage In The Park” completed…

Part Six coming up soon .  We will be thanking all of those involved in making this idea come to fruition..

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