Owl ~

Caught this fella looking for his supper last night.  It was fascinating to watch his moves.    Every time he heard a chipmunk or squirrel he would move his head around. One fact I looked up is they have incredible hearing FACT 15 The last of our owl facts relates to their hearing. It is believed their hearing is so powerful that if they were placed in a 30-feet square room, with a mouse hidden in it somewhere, they would be able to detect where it was purely from being able to hear its heartbeat! They have an amazing ability to sense the slightest movement and sound. Their ears are located next to their eyes in what is called their facial disc. This part of their face filters and funnels sounds and gives these creatures their ability to detect prey at such great distances.

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He is not a barn owl but the facts are interesting just the same.     For more “Owl facts” please visit…




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