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This past week I had the pleasure of photographing 100 Mile House Fire – Rescue Team


When you hear those fire truck sirens do you cringe at the thought that someone’s home is on fire or there is an accident involving fire? I do but at the same moment I am thankful and proud of the brave men and women who are 100 Mile House’s Fire – Rescue Team. Who at a moments notice drop whatever they are doing and come to the rescue of complete strangers … mind you in a small town like ours chances are they will know the people in peril.


These dedicated members who go to fire practices amongst other things are there for us. Comforting to know. Thank you !

History on 100 Mile House Fire – Rescue 

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue History Excerpt from 100milefire.com

The Early Years
100 Mile House Fire-Rescue began as an unofficial brigade in 1954, after fire engulfed the Bridge Creek Estate Garage and 100 Mile’s first movie house burned the previous year. In 1956, the official volunteer fire department was formed with Ross Marks as 100 Mile’s first fire chief.

Throughout the years, garage sales, dances and other events have been held by department and ladies’ auxiliary members to raise money for fire service necessities. In 1979, members raised $10,000.00 in only a few months toward the purchase of the Jaws of Life; and many vehicles, such as Rescue 11, have been purchased with dollars raised by the department.

The Department Today
Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of annual calls. With this increase, the average paid-on-call member spends approximately five hours per week completing fire department duties such as weekly training and responding to emergencies.

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue has evolved from not only fire suppression, but now includes rescue services, medical aid, and public education and awareness programs. The department also has its own training facility that is fully accredited by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. The continuing commitment and dedication of our past, present, and future members enables 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue to provide the community with a high level of service.


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