Western Week Little Britches Parade 2015 ~ Part Two

The weather was perfect. Clean cariboo Air. Cariboo Cowgirls rested on their saddles while the parade organized itself. At 10:05 two Lone Butte 4-H kids led with a banner announcing “The Little Britches Rodeo Parade” followed by our MLA Donna Barnett. Horses , mascots , clubs and businesses ~ clowns with candies and oh the smiles on those childrens faces ! Allan & April wish to thank Lori Fleming & Sheree Herron and Lloyd McTaggert for their wonderful support and help ~ So many thanks to all the participants and the many families who lined Birch Avenue to remember and share our Western heritage and enjoy a Western spirited parade. We hope you enjoy the photos because we believe they speak so well of our wonderful town ~ 100 Mile House ! A special thanks to Country 840 ~ The Goat FM and the 100 Mile House Free Press & Cariboo Radio for their sponsorship as well as Tom Bachynski & 100 Mile Wranglers for the pancake breakfast with Tim Horton’s coffee ! Perfect !!!

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