The web ~

This morning was so sunny.  One of those days where you can leave the kitchen door open and let the breeze fly through.  I was saying goodbye to my spouse as he left for work.  Low and behold I saw this awesome spider web in the doorway.  So of course I had to run and get my camera.  What happened next was a total surprise so I just kept clicking… felt bad for the bug the spider ate but hey that’s the way it goes.  So you know what I felt this deserved a blog ~

DSC_0178 copy DSC_0179 copy Intricate web… Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me…DSC_0180 copy see the little bug it just landed on the bottom left… the spider sure sees it…DSC_0181 copy Wow that was so quick…
DSC_0182 copy Happy spider … not happy bug…DSC_0183 copy

How the web looked after the bug … man those spiders move FAST ~ The end…

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