Stage In The Park ~ Part Five

The final jobs to be completed for the stage were the shingles on the roof and the electrical.  Jim Liddle and Allan completed the shingles & Shawn Parkins did all of the electrical. The weather held up for them. Thank goodness.

Jim Liddle thanks for all your solid work !Allan & Jim finishing up.Great job guys !Now for the electrical … Meet Shawn Parkins.Shawn Parkins Electric


5131 Able Lake Road
100 Mile House
BC V0K 2E1
Phone number:
(250) 395-0428

Shawn said that the Stage needed plenty of power enough to cover any venue.  920 amp service / 100 amp service to the Stage and LED lighting. Thank you Shawn for your professional skills & equipment needed to supply  the power to The Stage.

Now the star of the show….  “The Stage In The Park” completed…

Part Six coming up soon .  We will be thanking all of those involved in making this idea come to fruition..

Stage In The Park ~ Part Four


Progress Report ~

Pre staining the logs and wall planking  at the Sitka log yard…  very thankful for the volunteers from “The 100 Mile Cruzers” and Allan as well…

Tom Lund, Dan Jackson, Allan Roberts, Mike Case Beauty logs from our property at Valhalla … Dan the Man & Tom Lund (oh ya Allan in the middle at the back)

Dan Jackson , Tom Lund , Allan Roberts , Mike Case.

Prestaining the wall planks… Mal Wood &  Jimmy Kulyk … look at all those wall planks… holy Hannah lots of rolling… Thanks guys !!

Next setting the logs on the stage…Rona ( Glen McBride ) Brad Johnson & Sitka crew once again…. lovely day if it doesn’t rain… but it did anyway. Thanks for the cel phone shots you guys !  This process took approximately 4 hours…

Brad & his Sitka Log Home Crew…Brad & some of his crew…Allan & Brad.   It looks great so far !

Next step… the walls and roof… Allan & Richard Liddle , Jimmy Young & Jordan Durk ( Jimmy & Jordan took off before I could get a photo of them must be camera shy eh?! Thanks guys ! ) Brad Johnson, 100 Mile Cruzers, Wally & Anna Bramsleven…

Starting on the roof… Richard & Allan Tom & Mal

Left to right … Tom, Dan, Mal & Mike… on the roof… Allan on the left and Richard on the right…
The sides and back of the Stage In The Park look amazing…Anna & Wally … Thanks you two !  You work so well together must have done projects together before !!

Roof & Walls done in one day . Boom…We are almost there.  I cannot wait to see the completed project it has been very exciting to see this come from an inspiration to a reality . Last but not least look at that view from the stage… Looks like it could be a perfect postcard . Such a beautiful park.  Wow !  We are so lucky to have this in our little town !

Next on the agenda Ralph (Most Wanted Contracting)  will be back for the plywood & shingles on the roof and Shawn Parkins (Shawn Parkins Electric) will be doing the electrical and Benjamin Moore will be using their wonderful product to paint the floor. Will keep you posted !

Stage In The Park ~ Part Three

Breaking ground in the Park…

Ralf Baechmann owner of Most Wanted Contracting without hesitation wanted to help with this project. We are very grateful for Ralf’s expertise, experience and skill to make sure the footings are put in correctly for the stage.
It is a busy time of year for Ralf and we appreciate that he has taken his time away from his business with some of his staff to make sure this part of the job is done properly. The first dig ~ The District of 100 Mile House donated the backhoe & skilled operator Devon to begin the ground breaking for the stage.  Devon ~ The District of 100 Mile House  Backhoe operator  The District of 100 Mile House have been very supportive with this project and we appreciate that.Allan digging dirt getting the ground ready for the sonar tubing. Ralf drilling screws in the tubing.Ralf & Kevin (100 Mile House District Maintenance Supervisor’s) Getting ready for United Concrete to come and pour the concrete.Warren Dirkson a fellow born and raised in 100 Mile House gets to use his skills on “The Stage In The Park” project.United Concrete generously donated all the concrete for this project. Two trucks …one pour .  We have nothing but praise for this company who have a real sense of community for 100 Mile House.
Sorry I did not get these fellas names ~ but thank you !!   

Most Wanted Contracting Ltd. is a 100 Mile House area based company formed in January 2005. The owner, Ralf Baechmann, set roots in the South Cariboo in 2001, brings a lot of experience from Germany in renovations and new construction and all carpentry needs.

Most Wanted Contracting is fully insured, licensed, and carries WCB coverage. We have Red Seal ticketed carpenters and finishing carpenters on staff.

Most Wanted Contracting offers many different services to improve the look and value of your home. We can make it happen on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.

Ralf is available, by appointment to meet with potential customers in100 Mile House/Surrounding area as well in the Lower Mainland.To arrange an appointment, please e-mail Ralf ( call 250-706-4706.

excerpts from Most Wanted Contracting website   United Concrete & Gravel Ltd
United Concrete & Gravel Ltd is a 100% locally owned and operated company serving the entire Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada. In 1977, brothers Dave and Paul Zacharias started Ever-Redi Concrete Products Ltd in Quesnel with two ready-mix trucks, one loader, and a basic batch plant. Today United Concrete & Gravel Ltd (as it was renamed in the early 1990’s) has grown to over 75 employees with three locations in Quesnel, Williams Lake and 100 Mile House. It serves all areas of the Cariboo, from Anahim Lake to Nazco to the Interlakes, with ready-mix concretegravel & topsoil, and blocks. United Concrete & Gravel Ltd.-100 Mile House Division – Mr. Rod ZachariasToll Free Number- 1-800-568-8846united@bcwireless.comPO Box 577, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0Excerpts taken from United Concrete & Gravel website

So far so good the project is coming along really well.  We thank all contributors and donators without you this project would not be .  Allan & April Roberts are overwhelmed with the generosity and positive spirit of those involved in this project.   Go 100 Mile House !!!  

Stage In The Park ~ Part Two ~ Sitka Log Homes

Sitka Log Homes has graciously partnered with Allan & April Roberts to get “The Stage In The Park” built.  We appreciate this very much.  Brad Johnson & Wally Bramsleven created the design and all logs have been peeled and treated for the project on the Sitka Log Home site on Tatton Road in 100 Mile House.

Sitka Log Homes History ~

Sitka Log Homes was founded by John Johnson. John began building log homes in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada in 1969. At that time there were very few companies prefabricating log homes. The Cariboo was one of the first areas in the province to build log homes and ship them to sites around the world for re-erection. Prior to that time, most log building was done on site.

John began building small log houses on his own, gradually adding a few employees, including his son, Brad. The industry evolved over the years and log homes changed from being fashionable log cabins to the high-end custom homes that we are seeing today. What started as a small, local industry 40 years ago has grown to become a multi-million dollar industry, and Sitka Log Homes has evolved to adapt to the ever changing market.

Excerpt taken from Sitka Log Homes website

John Johnson named his company “Sitka Log Homes” after the Sitka Spruce tree he thought it had a nice ring to it.


from left to right Ken Borne, John Johnson (Founder), Bonnie Johnson, Wally Bramsleven, Brad Johnson, Brett Smith and Jaret Melin.

Left to right Brett Smith, John Johnson (Founder), Bonnie Johnson, Brad Johnson and Wally Bramsleven. Brad Johnson posing with the logs from Allan & April’s Valhalla property. Pat Findlay runs the Mill.Sitka Log Homes site on Tatton Road.

Stage In The Park ~ Part One


Upon getting permission from The Mayor and Council we were able to begin our project with their blessing.  With Brad Johnson & Wally Bramsleven of Sitka Log homes stage plans complete it was time to get things in motion. In the meantime Allan is out and about handing out our booklet for people to help with the project either by physical labor or cash donations to pay for the “stuff” that is needed to complete “The Stage in The Park Project” and what an awesome response we have gotten from the businesses and people of 100 Mile House all willing to participate in this project.

“You start building a good community when you yourself decide that you will be a good neighbor”…  Back in the day it was “Building a Community, Building a Barn” today it’s “Building a Community , Building a Stage for the Park”


First thing that needed to be done was to log some trees. We have some beautiful big fir on our property so that is where we got the trees for part of the project.  Bill & AJ Bjornsen with their professional falling experience got to work. They so generously donated their expertise and time towards this endeavour on a very chilly Sunday morning I might add… Bill & son AJ… “TIMBER” ! Noggy got in on the action too… as you can see it wasn’t the sunniest of days…

Next we needed to haul the trees out of the forest so that Rona (Steve Brown) can transport them to Sitka Log Homes to be peeled and dried… Along comes Wayne Best with his 1965 Loader that works like a charm and he graciously volunteered to do this. One very nice fellow.  Another very cold day in The Cariboo.

Wayne & Allan …

After these were moved by Mr. Best. Rona Interlakes (Steve Brown) offered his services to load them onto one of his trucks to haul them to Sitka Log Homes.  It took awhile but they got loaded.

Erik from Rona loading the logs…

And away they go !